Are Male Cats More Affectionate Before Being Neutered?

Neutering tends to bring upon positive changes in cats.
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Owning an unfixed male cat can be frustrating, from the constant attempts to search for females outdoors to the icky and persistent urine spraying. Thankfully, an easy solution is out there for you. For the most part, neutering a cat drastically changes his temperament for the better -- phew!

Unfixed Cats

Unneutered male cats are not particularly known for their affectionate ways with people, although exceptions certainly do exist. Before a cat is fixed, his motivations are primarily hormonal. That means instead of wanting to be loving with you, his sights are set on the females in his vicinity. Common unfixed tomcat behavior includes loud yowling and meowing out to queen cats, fighting, territorial urine marking and extremely restless behavior -- not exactly the ideal recipe for being a sweet little snuggle bug on your couch!


Once a male cat is neutered, he can finally calm down and relax. Though in some instances tomcats repeat hormonal behaviors out of learned habit, those cases are rare. Neutered cats no longer have the urge to mate, and instead have the time to devote to you. If you want a cuddly, comforting and serene boy cat to snuggle up with on your sofa, neutering is almost definitely the way to go.


A lot of cats not only become more loving with neutering, they actually become clingy little things. Male cats often become needy and attention seeking -- in a cute way, of course. Perhaps your cat will become your wee little shadow at home, constantly following you from the kitchen to the living room. It's a sweet little "problem" to have.


Positive behavioral benefits aren't the only perk of neutering a cat. If you get your tomcat fixed, you also help curb feline overpopulation in your community -- a growing problem in many neighborhoods and big cities around the country. This is especially important if your pet spends a significant portion of his time outdoors. Another very valuable benefit to neutering involves enhancing your cat's health. Neutering a cat greatly reduces his chances of developing certain types of potentially dangerous diseases, including testicular cancer.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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