Making a Chihuahua Less Aggressive

With proper training, Chihuahuas can be calm, well-behaved dogs.
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One drawback to owning a Chihuahua is the breed's tendency to be aggressive. According to K9 Magazine, Chihuahuas are the second most aggressive breed. If you want to keep your Chi out of trouble, there are things you'll need to do that involve altering the dog both physically and emotionally.


Having your Chihuahua fixed not only prevents certain types of cancer, but it can also make your Chi less aggressive. It is recommended that Chihuahuas be neutered at the age of sexual maturity, which is between 4 and 7 months of age. You never want to wait longer than 11 months. Neutering before this age will help prevent prostate disease.


As soon as your puppy has had all her shots, start introducing her to new people and situations. Chihuahuas who stay home all the time, never meeting new people and animals, can be frightened in new situations. This can cause her to lash out and act aggressively. When you begin socializing her early in life, she will be more apt to not be afraid of people or animals she meets. The key is to introduce her to new things slowly so she doesn't get overwhelmed or frightened. For example, don't take her to a dog park or family reunion on the first day of socialization.

Positive Reinforcement

Chihuahuas strive on making their humans happy. They want to please because they love the praise and attention they receive from a job well done. Whenever your pet does well with meeting someone new, praise him enthusiastically. If he doesn't do well, scold him with a firm “no!” Do not try to pet him to calm him down because this reinforces bad behavior. By no means should you yell or physically harm your Chihuahua. This can frighten the animal and can lead to worse aggression problems.

Professional Training

It's never a good sign when a Chihuahua is aggressive toward people. Though they are often referred to as “ankle-biters,” your pet should never try to be aggressive toward humans. Not only can a Chi's bite hurt, but if someone reacts negatively, it could result in your pet getting seriously hurt when the person lashes out. Chihuahuas who are aggressive toward humans should receive professional training to correct the behavior. Training can be costly and time-consuming, but you'll have a more controlled and better behaved dog in the end.

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