How to Make a Yorkie Feel at Home

Praise your Yorkie for good behavior.
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These days, cute, cuddly and portable Yorkshire terriers are one of the most popular dog breeds out there. If you have decided to add a Yorkie to your family, there are ways to make her feel right at home.

Step 1

Doggie-proof your home. If you don’t, your inquisitive Yorkie may get into something she shouldn’t and you will have to be the bad guy when you take her new fun discovery away. Before you bring your pup home, put away chemicals and cleaners, raise household plants to above dog height, tuck away electrical cords, and hide any small items that can be chewed on or swallowed.

Step 2

Let your Yorkie explore her new surroundings before picking her up and passing her around. This way she will start to become familiar with her surroundings by sniffing her way around.

Step 3

Hold your little lady gently. Yorkies have small, sensitive bodies and they need to be handled with care. Instruct others to do the same. Limit the time you pass her around at the beginning, as she may become nervous from all the excitement.

Step 4

Groom her often. Use gentle hands and give her lots of love and praise as you do it. Don’t forget to get those nails trimmed. If they get too long, it can cause discomfort.

Step 5

Give her fresh water every day and choose a high-quality dog food. These will keep her happy and healthy.

Step 6

Let her eat in peace. Although this breed is not known for biting, dogs should be allowed to enjoy their meal without interruption. This rule obviously doesn’t apply when she is nibbling on something she isn’t supposed to.

Step 7

Talk to your Yorkie. A soft, friendly, or playful voice will let her know she is loved and welcome in the home. A loud, angry voice will make her scared and fearful.

Step 8

Offer small treats periodically throughout the day. Don’t overdo it, though. Dog treats should make up only about 10 percent of a dog’s diet. Since this is a small breed, keep the treats in check to avoid health problems and too much weight gain.

Step 9

Take her for a walk. This is good exercise for you both and makes for good bonding time.

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