How to Make Parrots Friendly

Smart and inquisitive, parrots are great companions when handled properly.
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As smart, inquisitive and cuddly pets, your parrot will greatly benefit from being tamed due to the increased interaction -- and fun -- you and your feathered friend will enjoy! Taming is easiest on a baby bird, but even an older bird can eventually become friendlier.

Step 1

Place your parrot's cage in a place where you and your feathered friend can interact several times a day for extended periods of time. This is the first step -- your little buddy needs to get used to your presence and know you're not a threat.

Step 2

Talk to your parrot for several minutes several times a day. Use a light, soothing and fun voice when interacting, much like you would do with a human toddler or puppy. If you can't think of anything to say, try reading a book to your birdie buddy in an uplifting-yet-comforting voice.

Step 3

Feed your parrot delicious, bird-approved treats such as fresh fruits or his favorite veggies from outside the cage. Keep up with the soothing voice while doing this and move your hand slowly so your little friend doesn't get freaked out. Continue feeding your little guy treats several times a day for a few days until your parrot isn't upset at all by your hand being so close to the cage.

Step 4

Move your hand into the cage and feed your buddy treats from inside once your parrot is no longer made nervous by your hand on the outside of the cage. At this point, your parrot should inquisitively, slowly, but graciously accept the treat from your hand. Continue this until all signs of anxiety about your hand being so close are gone.

Step 5

Play with your parrot with slow motions while your hand is in the cage. If your birdie has a favorite toy, incorporate this into play time.

Step 6

Start incorporating slight chest strokes or scratches for your parrot while feeding treats and playing to get them used to your affections. Keep up with talking to your parrot during these activities.

Step 7

Allow your parrot to come out of the cage either perched on your finger or arm or on his own once he's completely used to your affections and love. Hold your arm or finger outside the cage door to encourage your friend to explore with you, talking in a fun, comforting voice the whole time.

Step 8

Give your parrot plenty of toys and things to gnaw on to help ease the boredom many parrots exhibit. While this may not seem like a way to help your parrot become friendlier, many aggressive behaviors may be out of boredom.

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