How to Make Your Own Dog-Urine Cleaner

Did your pup have an accident? Your homemade concoction will clean it right up.
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Need a quick fix for your pup's oopsie pee? You can make your own pet urine cleaner with products you probably already have. Made right, a homemade cleaner removes stains and leaves behind a fresh scent. You can use it on new or old stains, hard floors or carpets.

Making Your Own Dog-Urine Cleaning Solution

Step 1

Fill a spray bottle one quarter of the way full with water.

Step 2

Add two drops of orange extract.

Step 3

Fill the bottle the rest of the way with benzoyl peroxide.

Step 4

Replace the spray top and shake gently to mix the solution.

Using Your Homemade Dog-Urine Cleaner

Step 1

Absorb as much of the urine as possible with a wad of paper towels. If the stain is on carpet, blot the spot with a few folded paper towels -- don't rub or mop, just press or step on the paper towels, replacing with dry ones as they become soaked. Repeatedly blot with fresh paper towels until they come up essentially dry.

Step 2

Place a drop or two of dish detergent on the spot after you've removed as much urine as possible, regardless of whether the spot is on a solid floor or a textile such as carpet.

Step 3

Spray the soiled area with your cleaning solution, aiming at the dish detergent. The dish detergent will foam a bit in reaction to the peroxide.

Step 4

For hard floors, wipe clean and repeat until your paper towels come up clean. For carpets, rub the solution into the spot, then place a few folded paper towels over it, completely covering it. Weigh down the paper towels with a flat, heavy object such as a board or a brick or a book wrapped in a plastic bag. Alternatively, step on the towel to blot the spot.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 as the paper towels become soaked, replacing with dry ones. You may have to repeat the step multiple times.

Step 6

If the paper towel comes up heavily colored, add more detergent, spray the spot again and put down another paper towel. Repeat until the paper towel comes up with no more stain.

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