Longhaired Dachshund Fur Care

A truly lustrous longhaired dachshund coat requires regular grooming and maintenance.
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The flowing coat of longhaired dachshunds was originally the result of breeding water spaniels with the traditional smooth coat dachshunds. This iconic flowing mane gives your dachshund a magestic appearance, but it also ensnares debris and dirt. Unlike smooth-coated doxies, regular upkeep is essential for longhaired wiener dogs.


Untangling your longhaired doxie's fur several times a week will prevent painful snarls and matting. Mist her coat with a few sprays of dog leave-in conditioner before combing using firm downward strokes. Use a fine-toothed comb for the less accessible areas where mats tend to form, including behind her ears and her inner thighs. Try to tease out the tangle before using scissors, as sporadically cutting chunks of her fur will make her coat ragged and uneven. Always untangle your doxie before a bath or the water will fuse the tangles together.


You love your longhaired dachshund, even if you prefer she not have a full-length longhaired coat. Preventing your longhaired doxie's coat from sweeping the floor requires regular trimming. Trimming your dachshund's coat four or five times a year will keep the length and consistency of her coat even. Use high-quality grooming scissors and trim the outer skirt of your pup's coat, as well as her feet, neck and behind her ears. Speaking with a groomer before you cut her coat is necessary, especially for new doxie owners.


Bathing removes all the grit, dirt and small twigs that your active doxie's flowing coat catches while playing outside. Gently massaging your longhaired dachshund's flowing coat with a mild dog shampoo removes the dirt, dead skin cells and dead strands of hair that all accumulate more frequently on a dachshund whose coat is several inches long. Rinse the soap thoroughly. Dachshunds are prone to dry skin, even without a thin coating of shampoo residue on their scalp. Finger comb the coat as you rinse to discourage tangles from forming. Always apply and rinse a deep conditioner at the end of the bath to prevent future tangles in your longhaired dachshund's coat.

Maintenance Brushing

Daily brushing is the best way to keep her coat healthy and glossy. Unlike untangling, which removes snarls and mats, brushing your dachshund's coat with a pin brush will stimulate the hair follicles and distribute her natural oils throughout her coat. Start by brushing at the root of her hair around her neck and moving toward her rear. Brush in the direction of hair growth and apply firm strokes so the brush penetrates the thick coat of your longhaired dachshund.

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