Why Do My Kittens Play in Their Water Bowls?

"Water can be fun."
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Cats are notoriously fearful of getting into the water, but that doesn't mean that they don't enjoy playing in the stuff. Cats of all ages, including wee kittens, partake in occasional "water sports." If the water doesn't get onto their bodies, the furry cuties are usually A-OK with it.


Water bowls, simply put, are just fun for curious and exploratory kittens. They're like mini swimming pools of sorts -- but without the fear factor. If a kitten's paw even brushes against the surface of the water, it changes form slightly, pours out or even makes a splashing sound. Felines love interactive games with elements of unpredictability, so it's no surprise that kittens enjoy observing the random sounds and visuals that water bowls provide.


Don't always assume that a tipped over water bowl or the presence of small puddles of H20 all over your kitchen floor are necessarily signs of playtime. Some kittens may attempt to use their paws to "withdraw" H20 out of their bowls. When cats do this, it's often because they object to the edges of the bowl making direct contact with their whiskers, which possess sensory properties. If you think this may be the case with your kittens, it's time to invest in a few broader, comfier water bowls for them.

Pet Water Fountain

If you're concerned that your kittens aren't drinking enough water, purchasing a pet water foundation may be a positive addition to your life -- and your cutie's. These water foundations, which are readily available at many pet supplies shops, combine both the wonderment of watching pouring water with the actual drinking of it. If your kittens adore playing in the water a lot, make the most of it by ensuring that their hydration needs are always met, as well.

Refreshing the Water Levels

If your kittens have habits of spilling their water all over the floor after playtime, they may not have enough drinking water left in their bowls. Frequently monitor your kittens' water levels -- and replenish as necessary. Reliable clean water access is absolutely critical for kittens and cats of all ages -- 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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