What Do I Do With My Kittens When I'm at Work?

Kittens need stimulation and exercise while you're away.
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Being a working mother is hard, even if your children are of the four-pawed variety. While you won't have to find daycare for your little darlings, leaving your kittens alone while you go off to bring home the bacon could spell disaster if you don't take some precautions first.

Keep Them Safe

Depending on the layout of your home and the age and personalities of your kittens, you may want to create a safe spot for them to weather the time you're away. This will help not only contain the frantic energy kittens have, but also minimize the possibility for mess and troublemaking. A large crate will keep them contained while giving them some room to tumble and play, or you can use a bathroom or spare bedroom instead.

Kitten-Proof the House

If the idea of essentially sending your kitties to solitary confinement while you're away doesn't appeal, you can spend a few hours kitten-proofing your home to allow them free reign. Secure or remove anything that could injure your curious kittens, and don't underestimate the trouble a kitten can get into. Multiple kittens means even more possibilities for mischief. Look for dangling cords and tip-over-able plants and knick knacks. You may want to observe your kittens for a while to see if they seem drawn to any particular area, so you know what needs the most attention.


Kittens are like kids, they can turn just about anything into a toy. But before they decide your curtains are the perfect scratching post or your Faberge eggs are just screaming to play chase with, offer them more appropriate toys to keep them occupied while they're on their own. Most retail stores sell a variety of cat toys, or you can make your own by wadding up paper into balls or tossing them a few ping pong or tennis balls. Just make sure nothing has anything small enough to swallow should it break off. Swap out toys every few days to keep things new.

Watch the World

When the idea of chasing the same toy mouse for the billionth time bores your kittens, they may benefit from a chance to check out the outside world. Place a cat tree on front of a window to let your kitties watch traffic and other goings on. Hang a bird feeder outside the window and let them watch the birds come and go. There's usually something interesting going on outside, and your kittens may spend hours simply sitting on the tree and watching as they wait for you to return home.

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