What Kinds of Medical Problems Does a Pixie-Bob Cat Have?

"I might be related to a Pixie-Bob. But then again, I might not be."
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Pixie-Bobs are appealing cats; despite their wild, rugged looks, they have a laid back attitude. If you decide this breed is for you, it's nice to know they don't come with any significant medical concerns. But be ready for a devoted, conversational family member.

A New Breed

Pixie-Bobs made their entrance on the scene in 1985 in the Pacific Northwest. The story says a chance meeting between a coastal red bobcat and a barn cat resulted in a somewhat happy accident. There were other reports of similar couplings in the northwest resulting in what came to be known as "legend cats." A woman in Washington purchased a legend cat, and then a second one from a different litter. Their first kitten, "Pixie," is considered the dam for the females in the Pixie-Bob breed. The breeder purchased more legend cats and started the Pixie-Bob line. Some breeders insist the breed has wild origins, however genetic testing hasn't found any links to wild cats. Other breeders believe the cats were developed from feral cats who had a wild appearance.

Pixie-Bob Health

There's not a cat alive that doesn't have potential health problems, including genetic ailments. However, Pixie-Bobs aren't predisposed to any problems specific to their breed. According to Vetstreet.com, they can be sensitive to some vaccinations, so ask your vet about Pixie's potential reactions when she has her wellness exam.

Pixie-Bob Build

Male Pixie-Bobs can grow into big fellows, ranging from 12 to 20 pounds. Females are smaller, usually maxing out around 12 pounds. It takes about three years for them to grow to their full potential. Though no more at risk to be overweight than other breeds, obesity is a common problem for all house cats. You can help Pixie avoid the fatty fate by feeding her a well-balanced diet.

Pixie-Bob Personality

Another way to keep the ounces -- or pounds -- from stacking up on Pixie is with good old fashioned play. Fortunately, Pixie-Bobs are very engaging, lively cats who enjoy playtime. Since they're pretty smart cats, both of you may be entertained by teaching her tricks, such as fetch, as a way to exercise body and mind. They're also very chatty cats, so be ready to be asked about your day -- and prepared to listen to Pixie about her day.

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