Kinds of Guppies

Guppies are great fish for first-time aquarium keepers because they are hardy and non-aggressive. Though guppies may be thought of as dull fish, these freshwater live-bearers come in a wide variety of types and colors. Some of the most popular guppies are beautiful and enhance any community fish aquarium.

Fancy Guppies

Fancy guppies are quite possibly the most popular variety for aquarium hobbyists because of their numerous color variations and attractive appearances. These flashy fish are available in many vibrant colors, including blue, red, orange, yellow and multicolored. Another trait that makes them stand out from other types of guppies are their tail fins. Unlike common guppies, the fancy type often sport tails that look like fans. The flagtail, lacetail, lyretail, fantail and swordtail are just some of the beautiful types of fancy guppies available.

Common Guppies

For aquatic pet lovers who just want basic, peaceful community fish to add to their tanks, common guppies are great choices. Though not as flamboyant as the fancy types, the common guppy is hardier and easy to care for in an aquarium full of other community fish. From the same category as mollies, common guppies are smaller but similar in appearance. They range in color from various hues of brown and gray.

Snakeskin Guppies

The snakeskin varieties of guppies are popular among aquarium hobbyist for their unique appearance. The scales and fins on their bodies resemble the patterns found on snakes, making these fish stand out in the world of guppies. They are available in a variety of colors with fitting names, such as the golden snakeskin, king cobra and green snakeskin guppies.

Vibrantly Colored Guppies

For those looking to fill their aquarium with colorful fish, vibrantly colored guppies can be popular choices. Because these fish fit so well with most passive fish, vibrantly colored guppies will not only thrive in a community tank but will brighten up the watery environment. The blue delta, multicolor mosaic, peacock and red delta guppies are some of the most colorful types available. For individuals who like warm-colored fish in their tanks, the platinum sunset guppy does the job. Another colorful and unique guppy is the tuxedo, which has the appearance of wearing a black tux with a white shirt and red cummerbund.

Swamp Guppies

Also called painted guppies, these colorful fish are a bit more challenging to keep than most types of guppies. Because they originate from brackish water, these little swimmers need more salinity in their environment than other guppies can handle. However, they are attractive fish to keep in a tank, and many pet fish lovers choose them for their marbled patterns of blue, white, red, yellow and green.

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