The Best Kind of Inside Dogs for Small Homes

Dogs with flat faces cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold.
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Finding an inside dog for your small home won't be difficult. Many dogs require little exercise and are cold- or heat-intolerant. They are, basically, lap dogs -- dogs that prefer sitting with their owners rather than taking long walks.


You may consider only a toy breed because they are small. Many of these dogs are good choices, but some love to bark. If you are living in a community with houses close together, you may not want a barker. Some small dogs are highly energetic and need lots of outdoor exercise. Don't rule out all large dogs. Granted, large dogs need space, but some enjoy life on a couch. The only drawback is the amount of dog poop you'll clean up with a larger dog.

Little Exercise

The Yorkshire terrier is the epitome of small dog and lap dog characteristics. Yorkies need little exercise but love to interact with people. Weight is usually less than 7 pounds, so they are portable and love to travel in purses. Pomeranians are small dogs that adapt well to any home and prefer to be inside. They love spending time with their owner and will actually take on their owner’s personality. For instance, if you are loud, she is loud. If you are quiet, she will tend to be quiet. Boston terriers require little exercise, as well, and love to stay beside their owners.

Cold- or Heat-Intolerant

Some dogs do better inside because cold or hot weather is difficult for them. The pug is prone to colds, and hot weather stresses her. Staying inside is perfect for this pup. She is happy and devoted, and she rarely barks, but she does shed more than most breeds. The Chihuahua is a good choice for inside living because she dislikes cold. If you venture out in cold weather together, be prepared to put a jacket or sweater on her.

Large Dogs

Greyhounds are gentle and quiet -- an ideal pet for your small home. They get along with most any other animal and are usually good with children. They are the ultimate couch potato. Bullmastiffs are strong and powerful dogs; they can weigh between 130 pounds and 200 pounds. They are docile, quiet dogs that love to be inside with their masters. Bullmastiffs are not barkers and they require little exercise. The only drawback if you live in a small house is the Bullmastiff's massive tail.

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