How to Keep a New Puppy Entertained During the Day

Keep your puppy entertained with a variety of daily activities.
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Experienced dog owners are familiar with the overabundance of energy most puppies display. However, some puppies are so full of energy that they wear down even the most seasoned dog lover. Keeping a new puppy busy will burn off excess energy and result in a happy, tired puppy.

Step 1

Take your puppy on a brisk walk. Fit the puppy with a collar and leash, and take a stroll through the neighborhood. Allow the puppy to sniff, explore and play along the way. Encourage the puppy to meet new people, and let them pet her to make her more comfortable in strange situations.

Step 2

Schedule your puppy for play dates at your local doggy daycare or pet store. Many facilities offer classes to provide a safe socialization environment for puppies of all breeds and sizes. Schedule your puppy for her first set of puppy shots before attending any type of class to protect against contagious illnesses.

Step 3

Provide your puppy with a variety of toys to prevent boredom. Puppies are very curious and love to chew on different surfaces, so give the puppy soft toys and hard toys. If your puppy is left alone for extended periods of time, invest in a puzzle-type puppy toy. These toys are designed to be filled with treats, and the puppy has to roll, bite and dig at the toy to receive a reward.

Step 4

Leave the television on when you leave the house. The constant display of sights and sounds keeps the puppy distracted and entertained during your absence. Try a station with shows involving animals for an extra measure of stimulation.

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