How to Keep Dogs From Chewing on Power Cords

Hide electrical cords behind furniture or curtains, or elevate them to keep them out of your dog's mouth.
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Your dog may like to chew, but putting electrical cords in his mouth can be more than a nasty habit -- he could be injured or even killed if he receives enough shock. There are methods to protect both him and electrical wires from the consequences of a poor decision.

Step 1

Keep the cords out of your dog's reach. Rather than allow them to lay on the floor, elevate them on a table, computer desk or window sill where they are not easily seen or touched by your pooch. Duct tape them to a wall, or use cord clips that attach to the back of furniture.

Step 2

Block your dog's access to the power cords. Place them behind or under furniture where he can't see them -- or get his mouth around them. Use specialty products geared toward protecting the cords -- and your pet -- such as a cable turtle or cord cover, both of which hide the cords from your dog's access.

Step 3

Give your dog something else to chew on that will appeal to his taste buds. A chew toy or rawhide bone can give his teeth the chewing relief he needs -- especially younger dogs -- but keep your power cords safe. Rotate toys in and out so he does not become bored with what he has.

Step 4

Apply an unpleasant-tasting compound -- such as hot pepper sauce or Bitter Apple -- to the cord. Allow your dog to get a taste of it before taking the cord away from him with a firm "no" to reinforce both the icky taste and that he is not allowed to chew on the cord.

Step 5

Do not leave your dog unattended until he has completed training to leave the cords alone, and do not allow him access to the whole house. Close doors to rooms where he can sneak in and freely chew on electrical cords. If necessary, restrict him to one area of the house -- such as a portion of the kitchen -- where there are no cords as you continue training.

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