How to Keep Dogs Calm at the Vet Exam

Keep your dogs calm at their vet exam with a few techniques.
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Veterinarian appointments can be stressful for your dogs, especially if they are fearful of new surroundings. Often dogs will become anxious and aggressive when being handled by someone other than their owners. If your dogs become anxious at the vet there are many ways to help calm them down.

Step 1

Give your anxious dogs their favorite chew toys during the vet exam. This is a highly effective way of keeping them preoccupied and calm throughout the appointment. You can also give them some rawhide treats.

Step 2

Crate anxious or aggressive dogs to help calm them down. The crate can be used as a time-out space. Leave an anxious dog in the crate for 10 minutes and then release her. Repeat this process again for another 10 minutes if she is still anxious.

Step 3

Exercise your dogs before their veterinarian exam. Take them for a 30-minute walk right before their appointment. Exercise will tire your dogs out, so they will be calm and relaxed during their appointment.

Step 4

Keep your dogs on a leash throughout their veterinarian appointment. If they begin to act nervous or anxious tell them “No” sharply, and gently pull on their collar. Ignore them for a couple of minutes to let them know this behavior is inappropriate. When they begin to calm down praise them to let them know you are pleased with their relaxed behavior.

Step 5

Groom your dogs to help them stay calm throughout the exam. Many dogs can be soothed by the mere act of brushing. Brush their coats with a comb or soft brush to help them stay relaxed during their veterinarian visit.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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