How to Keep a Dog From Turning Over the Food Dish

A bowl with a flared, flat bottom will put the kibosh on your pup's spilling habits.
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Forget eating slowly. Some pups drive their nose against the bowl, smack their tags against the edges and make snorting noises that only pigs should make. And then the bowl flips and food is everywhere. If this scenario is all too familiar, a new feeding setup may be in order.

Step 1

Stymie your pup's bowl-tipping tendencies with a stylish no-tip bowl. The bowls are sold in lots of pet stores, and they are the perfect solution to the overly eager pup whose excitement gets the best of him. The bowls come with a flared, flat base which prevents your little guy from tilting them over and spilling his food everywhere.

Step 2

Lay down a rubber mat. The mat gives you two benefits: it stops your pup from acting like his bowl is a curling stone and scooting it across the floor, which often causes the bowl to tip over. It also makes cleanup from the occasional spill or dropped food quick and easy.

Step 3

Try an elevated stand. Stands usually tip less frequently than stand-alone bowls, plus if you have a big-pawed pup, he won't have to bend as far down to scarf up some kibble. Some stands even come with compartments, allowing you to store treats and toys inside.

Step 4

Secure your stand if it's a bit wobbly or has a tendency to fall over. Square stands usually don't have a problem with falling, even when the most ferocious eater smacks his nose into the bowl, but stands that have legs aren't as stable. Keeping the stand against a wall or placing it on a rubber mat can help guard against accidents, although your wall might take a beating.

Step 5

Keep treats out. A fresh cup of dog food might not be that exciting for your pup, but give him a few treats and you'll see him turn up the crazy. If you toss a biscuit or piece of cheese in his bowl, he may be so eager to chomp down that he'll flip the bowl over in excitement, especially if he's sifting through that boring dog food to get to the tasty treats.

Step 6

Swap out his current bowl for a different one. This won't help with accidental spills, but some dogs grab their bowls from the edges and intentionally flip them over because they don't like a certain something about their dishes. Metal bowls can make your pup see startling reflections of that cute face, and he may not be a fan of his tags smacking against the edges. Plastic bowls can quickly start to smell, even with dried kibble. Testing out something different might fix your pup's urge to opt for the floor as a dinner plate.

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