How to Keep a Dog Off the Sofa

Most dogs enjoy spending time on the couch.
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Dogs like to have a soft spot to lay their head just as much as people. They also like to be up on the same level as their human family. These factors can make it a challenge to keep your dog off the couch.

Step 1

Remove your pet from the couch gently every time he gets on it. If he is small enough, pick him up gently and place him on the ground. If he is a larger breed, guide him gently off the couch by the collar. Do not jerk him down or shove him off the couch.

Step 2

Keep your pet close by. The faster you remove him from the couch, the less of a reward being on the couch will be. This will make it easier to break the habit of lounging on the couch.

Step 3

Provide an alternative spot for him to lie. A dog bed in the same room as the couch gives him a spot where he can hang out close to his family and be comfortable. When you remove him from the couch, encourage him to lie in his bed. Praise him when he goes to his bed on his own.

Step 4

Remain consistent. If you don't want your pet on the couch, this means no front paws, no sitting on your lap on the couch and no inviting him up sometimes but not others. While your dog can eventually be trained to wait for your signal before hopping into a couch or bed, if he already has a bad habit of jumping on the couch, it is best to break the habit completely.

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