How to Keep a Chihuahua From Fighting

Friendly dogs are more pleasant to deal with for everyone involved.
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You got your Chihuahua thinking his small stature would allow you to make him your constant companion as you went about your activities during the day. Unfortunately his aggressive behavior has put a real damper on your days at the dog park and makes taking your pooch out on the town a stressful time of constant vigilance. An aggressive dog that wants to fight is a danger to both himself and others.

Step 1

Contain your dog. As a pet owner you are responsible for your dog's actions. You absolutely cannot allow your Chihuahua to attack or try to fight with anyone else's animals. Keep your aggressive Chihuahua indoors and never allow your dog free roam outside without supervision even when he is in a fenced in yard. If you have other pets inside your home, your Chihuahua needs to be separated from them and in a dog crate when you are not supervising him.

Step 2

Restrain your Chihuahua with a properly fitted leash and harness when you are out in public or around other animals. Since he is a small dog he should not be able to pull away from you as long as his harness is fitted snuggly. If your dog is extremely aggressive, you also may need to muzzle him when other animals are involved or there is a risk of him biting. Purchase a muzzle that allows him to breath easily, pant and drink water through it.

Step 3

Reprimand your dog when he behaves aggressively. A firm "no" at the first sign of aggressive behavior can help curtail his urge to fight. If your dog still is determined to behave aggressively you need to remove him from the situation to protect other animals and people.

Step 4

Enroll your dog in obedience school or obtain the services of an experienced professional dog trainer who will work one on one with you and your dog to correct his behavior. A dog trainer will be able to determine why your dog is behaving aggressively and take appropriate steps to teach you to control the behavior. Follow your dog trainers instructions until the behavior is corrected.

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