How to Keep Cats From Tracking Litter Around the House

Wouldn't it be nice if all the litter stayed inside the litter box?
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Does your whole house suddenly feels like part of the litter box? Are you finding litter behind doors, in hallways, and on the bed? No need to blame Kitty -- he can't help tracking it around. But you can put an end to it with a few litter box adjustments.

Step 1

Buy a track pad, also known as a litter mat, at your local pet store. These are soft plastic mats with small indentations that you can place right under your litter box or right under the entrance if you have a closed litter box with a door. As cats step out of the litter box, the litter gets trapped in the indentations and stays there. A good shake once a day will keep your floors litter-free.

Step 2

Make your own track pad using a piece of shag rug. Thick rugs will trap litter when Kitty steps on them, and you can just thrown them in the washing machine when they get too icky. Just remember to shake them well first.

Step 3

Switch to a different litter. The finer the litter, the more it will get stuck in Kitty's paws and hair. Litter made with pine shavings or compressed newspaper pellets will track less, but the catch is that Fluffy might hate it. Give it a try and see if your cat can stand the texture on his paws.

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