How to Keep Cats Away From Newborns

Giving your cat solo attention helps prevent jealousy.
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Cats don't always know their limits around a baby, so you have to keep them away. Your cat could bite or scratch; even a well-meaning snuggle can make it hard for baby to breathe. Meetings should always be supervised. Otherwise, keep your cat and your newborn separated.

Step 1

Give your cat something with your baby's scent on it, like a used Onesie or a tiny blanket. Let him keep it so he can investigate and familiarize himself with the scent, taking a bit of the edge off his curiosity.

Step 2

Keep your cat out of the nursery. Ideally, this room will be 100 percent off-limits. If it doesn't have a door that you can close, however, you'll have to settle for protecting the baby's crib.

Step 3

Place a crib tent or netting over the top of the crib. This prevents anything from getting in the crib with your baby, especially nosy pets. As always, listen in on the baby with a monitor during nap time.

Step 4

Show your cat plenty of attention when you're baby-free. During nap time and other periods when you aren't preoccupied with your little one, give your love to your baby with four legs. This helps him realize he doesn't need to compete with the baby for your affections and will make him less likely to snoop around where he doesn't belong.

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