Do Japanese Chins Need to Have Haircuts?

In Japan, these pooches were much beloved by royalty.
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The grooming requirements of dogs are extremely varied. A Japanese chin, for example, has a totally different coat than a miniature pinscher, Dalmatian, Samoyed or cocker spaniel. Haircuts, beneficial for some doggie breeds, are not necessary for the Japanese chin.

Japanese Chin

Japanese chins are wee canines who hail from China, rather than Japan, although they experienced great popularity in the latter nation, as well, hence their name. These small dogs were developed to serve as companion pooches for royalty and society women. Japanese chins generally grow to between 8 and 11 inches and typically weigh between 4 and 15 pounds. They have intelligent, faithful and jovial overall dispositions. They adore snuggling up to owners, and they also love spirited play sessions. The average Japanese chin life expectancy is between 14 and 16 years.


Japanese chins' coats are one of their most distinctive features, with their lengthy, smooth and luxurious appearances. Their single-layer coat is straight and appears in numerous different color schemes, specifically white and black, white and black with beige elements, and white and red.


Despite their appearance, their coats are actually not too hard to maintain. Their fur isn't particularly vulnerable to knotting. Japanese chins generally do well with brushing sessions once or twice weekly to ensure the fur is lovely visually. Opt for a pin brush to groom your Japanese chin. In times of shedding, additional brushing is beneficial for getting rid of loose hairs. Shedding in females tends to be heavier than in males. As with most other dogs, occasionally bathing keeps a chin fresh and clean -- think one bath per month or less; but if your pet accidentally got something gooey and yucky all over his lengthy fur, you can give him a bath, pronto, without putting his coat at risk of dryness.

No Haircuts Required

Haircuts aren't necessary with Japanese chins. However, it is important to regularly clip the fur below these big-eyed cuties' feet and to routinely trim Japanese chins' toenails, as well. Apart from trimming the fur in this region, doggies from this breed don't call for any other clipping at all.

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