How to Introduce a Cat to a New Litter Box

Ah, the joys of clean litter.
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Most cats will instinctively go to a litter box when it's time to use it. But if you're changing things up and bringing in a new litter box, you might encounter some resistance. To avoid sour faces and accidents, it might be wise to introduce Kitty to the box properly.

Step 1

Place the litter box in the same place the old one was. If you're simply replacing the container, but not changing the size or type of litter box, chances are Kitty won't object at all. But if you're switching from a plain old pan to a boxed or automatic litter box, maintaining the same location will help ease the surprise of the change.

Step 2

Keep the original liter box for a while if you're planning on changing locations. Have you decided you don't want to keep the litter box in the laundry room anymore? Buy a new box and place in the desired location, such as your bathroom, but leave the old one where it's always been. Make the new litter box much more desirable than the previous one by buying high-quality litter and cleaning it twice a day. Hopefully, Kitty will realize the advantages of the new one and abandon the other on his own. You can then get rid of the outdated one.

Step 3

Take Fluffy to the new litter box as soon as you bring it home. Some cats love sparkling new litter, so they'll be happy to try it right away. If the enthusiasm is not there, pick Kitty up and put him inside the litter box. If he uses it right then and there, you might already be set. If not, try again in an hour or so.

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