Will an Insurance Company Insure a Home Where Pit Bull Dogs Live?

A healthy, social pit bull is more likely to be approved for insurance coverage.
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Securing homeowners insurance while owning a pit bull is less daunting than many owners fear. Homeowners insurance policies vary by state and company, but if you're willing to do some research, you'll find a company that recognizes your pit bull as a member of your family.

Pit Bull History

Before issuing homeowners insurance, the company may ask you to complete a detailed questionare about your pit bull. The application will include questions about past veterinary records, vaccines, certifications and bite history. The company could decide not to insure your home if the information about your pit bull's health and behavior indicate irresponsible ownership, or if the dog has a past history of aggression.

Living Environment Risk

When it comes to dog bite statistics, the data show a strong correlation between certain characteristics and the potential for bite injury. For example, a pit bull who remains chained in a yard or locked in a basement is significantly more likely to bite than a dog who lives with the family in the main part of the house. Another high-risk criterion for dog bite injuries is not being neutered or spayed. The insurance company will examine the risk factors associated with your pit bull before approving the application.

Exemption Clauses

Some insurance companies, who normally would not insure homes with pit bulls, will make exceptions if your pit bull earned his Canine Good Citizen certification. To pass the CGC test, your pooch must behave confidently and gently when meeting unfamiliar dogs and people. Passing the test is enough to convince some insurance companies that your pit bull interacts well with others and isn't at risk for biting or harming anyone.

Local Pit Bull Rescues

To learn which insurance companies in your area will insure homeowners with pit bulls, contact pit bull rescue groups in your local area. The websites and Facebook pages for pit bull-specific non-profit groups are familiar with the coverage policies and qualifications of specific insurance companies, as well as the insurance laws pertaining to pit bulls in your state. For example, Ohio requires pit bull owners to have at least 100,000 dollars of homeowners coverage.

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