Is Ingesting Gerbera Daisies Harmful to Cats?

Gerbera daisies aren't considered toxic to cats.
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Your carnivorous cat sometimes strays from his normal diet to taste your plants, including the fluffy leaves and colorful blooms of your Gerbera daisies. Don't stress too much about your kitty sneaking a quick Gerbera snack here and there, but know too much of any plant can upset his tummy.


Gerbera daisies are considered safe and nontoxic to your feline friend, so there's no need to worry if you catch your cat high-tailing it away from your plant after taking a bite. It's not unusual for cats to eat plants on occasion, especially plants such as catnip or cat grass. Eating a bit of green stuff won't ruin your kitty's dinner.

How Much IsToo Much?

Because plants aren't part of a cat's typical diet, eating too much of your gerbera daisy plant can make his tummy upset. He might develop a mild case of diarrhea or he might vomit, and it's possible he could lose his appetite for a meal or two. The stomach issues should work themselves out in about a day -- but if your kitty starts vomiting excessively, has trouble breathing or is overly lethargic, call your vet and tell him what your furry friend got into.

Chemical Dangers

Gerbera daisies themselves might not be poisonous to your pet, but any chemicals you use on the plant can be, including fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Even on indoor plants, using a small amount of fertilizer or other chemical can leave residue on the leaves. If your cat ingests the chemicals along with his gerbera snack, illness is a possibility. Call your vet immediately if you notice tummy troubles or lethargy in your feline friend afterward.

Damage to the Plant

Your anger at your damaged gerbera daisies might harm your cat's feelings more than the plant hurts his tummy. Cats tend not only to chomp on plants but to dig into the dirt under the plant. Gerberas' root structure is shallow, so even a small amount of digging can unearth the plant's base and topple it. Also, the perfectly round blooms won't ever be the same if your kitty decides to play "She Loves Me" with the petals. Pulling the petals won't kill the plant, but eating too much of the green leaves and digging around the roots can.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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