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Guppys like plants for coverage.

Guppys like plants for coverage.

Commonly known for its bright red tails, the red neon makes a colorful addition to any fish lover's freshwater tank. They have a mild temperament that allows them to live peacefully with other varieties of friendly fish, like tetras and danios.


The neon red guppy is a relatively small fish compared to other tropical breeds. The male guppy is approximately 3 centimeters and the females are twice as large, reaching approximately 6 centimeters. The male guppy's tail is much larger than the female's and he has a pointed anal fin, whereas the female has a rounded anal fin.


As with most wild animals, the male is more colorful than the female. The male guppy wears the bright red, flowing fan tail with a brightly colored body. The female guppy's color is duller and doesn’t draw as much attention as the male. Her body is generally clear with little or no color at all.


Raising red neon guppies is easy when compared to some other types of freshwater fish. The guppy likes to live in at least a 20-gallon tank with the water pH between 7.2 and 8.5 and the temperature between 64 and 77 degrees F. However, change in water conditions, like temperature or alkalinity, does not generally affect the red neon. A mix of dried fish food and live food found at the local pet store gives your guppy the proper nutrition.


All red neon guppies are bred in captivity, making them less hardy than wild-bred guppies. After insemination, a female may store a male’s sperm and generally breeds in four-week intervals, explaining how a female may give birth with no male around. Young guppies are born alive. A breeding tank or box helps keep the small, live babies safe.

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