What Is the Most Hyper Dog Ever?

A "hyper" dog might be the perfect candidate for a Frisbee contest.
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Determining the most hyper dog can be difficult, since "hyper" is a subjective term when talking about dog behavior. Your pup might drive you crazy with his destructive antics, but he might have just the right amount of energy to do the job he was bred for.

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell terrier was originally bred as an English fox hunter and was named after the Rev. Jack Russell. He would chase his prey, namely the red fox, to his den and dig him out.

Today's Jack Russell terrier still has much of his hunting instinct intact, more so than many other terrier breeds. He will chase, explore and dig whenever he has the chance, and should not be trusted around small animals.

The best owner for a Jack Russell terrier is an experienced dog owner comfortable with asserting himself as pack leader, who also has a good sense of humor. The Jack Russell is highly intelligent and energetic, and needs brisk activity and training sessions on a daily basis to stimulate his mind and exercise his body. Otherwise, he will find his own way to entertain himself, usually leading to trouble.

Siberian Husky

Originally from the Chukchi tribe off the Siberian peninsula, the Siberian husky was bred to pull sleds and herd reindeer. In 1908, the Siberian husky was used in the 408-mile dogsled race called the All-Alaskan Sweepstakes. During World War II the husky was used by the U.S. Army Arctic Search and Rescue Unit. His thick double coat allows him to withstand temperatures up to 76 degrees below zero.

The Siberian husky is normally a happy, easygoing dog who loves his family. He is highly energetic and has incredible stamina. In order to keep him out of trouble, he needs intense, rigorous exercise and training on a daily basis or he will become very destructive.

Australian Cattle Dog

This tough, highly intelligent, energetic dog was bred to boss cows around in the Australian outback. The simplest rule for humans: Don't be a cow. He must see his human as strong-minded or he will not obey.

The biggest love in the Australian cattle dog's life is exercise. He needs immense amounts of work in order to be satisfied, and mental exercise is equally or more important than physical exercise. A saying among Australian cattle dog owners is, "an exhausted cattle dog is a good cattle dog." The best owner for this dog type is someone willing to make exercise and training a major part of daily life, not just a short activity.

One word of warning: if you have small children running around your home, your Australian cattle dog will probably feel the need to herd them.

Australian Shepherd

Much like the Australian cattle dog, the Australian shepherd was bred to be aggressive with sheep and cows. Around humans he has a happy, easygoing disposition. The Australian shepherd is very family-oriented, is a good watchdog and is good with children. He is eager to please and loves praise for doing a good job.

If the Australian shepherd is not provided with enough mental and physical exercise, he may become destructive. He's the perfect dog to run with you while you ride your bike, or to train in agility activities. He is not well suited for those who have moderate to low activity lifestyles.

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