How to Housebreak Pit Bull Puppies

With repetition he'll learn where his one spot to potty is.
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Pit bulls are highly intelligent dogs that are eager to please their people. This makes them easier to train, generally speaking, compared with other breeds. Housebreaking requires patience and commitment, as pit bulls are determined dogs. You must follow the process to the end or you'll have to start over.

Step 1

Choose one spot outdoors where you want your pit bull to use the bathroom. Having one set spot rather than an entire yard will help him learn that he is to eliminate only in designated areas.

Step 2

Keep him contained to a small area when he is not closely supervised. A crate is ideal, but a small room with easy-to-clean floors will work as well. The crate needs to be big enough for him to stand up, turn around, and lie down in comfortably. It should not have enough room for him to eliminate in one area and lay in another.

Step 3

Avoid free-feeding, which is leaving a bowl of food out at all times. Feed him at specific times and always take him to the designated bathroom spot within 30 minutes after eating. Water should be provided several times a day but removed as well.

Step 4

Take him outdoors to do his business at least every two hours. Tell him to go potty or any other short phrase you choose -- just be sure use the same phrase consistently. Be sure to give him plenty of time to go, and keep him on a leash the entire time.

Step 5

Praise him when he does eliminate outdoors by telling him what a good boy he is and petting him. Give him a treat for doing his job correctly.

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