How to House Train a Jack Russell Puppy

Jack Russell terriers thrive on praise, so praise your pup for proper pottying.
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Praise-oriented Jack Russell terriers do well with house training when rewarded for good potty habits and given a regular routine around bathroom breaks. As you learn your pup's body language, you'll anticipate when she needs to go. Use puppy house training pads during training to minimize accidents.

Step 1

Establish a schedule for your Jack Russell terrier, and be consistent. If you're normally up at 6 and walking your pup by 6:05, make this a habit even on the weekends. Likewise, schedule potty breaks for your pup and maintain them daily. Dog expert Cesar Millan recommends potty breaks after each meal, each nap, and long play sessions.

Step 2

Watch your pup for signs of "need to go" behavior. When a JRTs tail stiffens and hangs down instead of up, that's a clue she's about to do something. Likewise, squatting in "pee position" is another clue. When you see these signs, immediately pick up your little buddy and head for the great outdoors or for a puppy house training pad. Place your pup on grass or the pad. Jack Russells learn well if you give them one dedicated area for pottying, so designate one area for the pads or for your pet's trips outdoors.

Step 3

Reward your JRT for doing her business by praising her when she's done. Your Jack Russell loves to be praised by you, so don't miss this opportunity to reinforce your pet's good behavior.

Step 4

Place your Jack Russell pup in a comfortable crate when you have to leave her in the house unwatched. Not only does this keep your little pal contained, it will help keep your home clean. Dogs do not like to soil the area they occupy, so using the crate minimizes the likelihood of accidents and aids in house training. Don't leave her in the crate too long, though. When she has to go, she has to go, and if you neglect her needs, you're working against the training you're trying to accomplish.

Step 5

Avoid punishing your JRT puppy if you catch her making a puddle in the house. Instead, pick her up, say a quick "No," and carry her quickly to a house training pad or outside. Be calm, as puppies can pick up on negative energy.

Step 6

Be consistent in training. At times it may seem like your Jack Russell terrier isn't learning, but she will. Consistency and attention to her needs are keys to house breaking your pal, so continue to praise her for going outside, provide regular walks, and crate your pup when you have to leave her unattended.

Step 7

Clean up accidents quickly, using an enzymatic cleaner that removes the smell of pet waste. If a certain place in the house smells to your puppy like urine, she'll be tempted to pee there again if she gets the urge.

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