Homemade Diet for a Sick Dog

When your dog is sick, homemade chicken broth might help her feel better.
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When your dog is sick, you feel completely helpless and will do anything to help her feel better. Feeding a homemade diet might be very beneficial. The homemade food you choose will depend on the illness your dog has, so check with your veterinarian before you decide on a diet.

Boiled Meat

Skinless white chicken meat boiled with brown rice at a ratio of 2:1 is pure and bland enough for the most delicate stomach to accept. The food is particularly effective for cases of diarrhea. As tempting as it may be, do not add any salt, oil or flavoring. For dogs that suffer from painful gas attacks, plain, boiled turkey or lean hamburger meat can help to relieve the symptoms.


Cook scrambled eggs for your dog if she is suffering from vomiting or diarrhea. Begin by offering her one or two tablespoons every two hours, and watch to see if she keeps it down. If all goes well, after six hours you can increase the quantity until she is eating the same amount as she usually consumes. The following day you can start adding boiled brown rice or cottage cheese to the egg to make it more filling. Once her stomach is completely well, gradually mix her regular food with the scrambled egg and decrease the quantity of egg over the next few days until she is eating only regular food again.

Liquid Diet

Chicken broth made from boiling white chicken meat in plain water is beneficial, especially if the dog is unable to take solids. It contains all the nutritional value of the chicken, prevents dehydration and is easy for the dog to drink. If necessary, feed it to her using a syringe or squeeze a ball of cotton wool saturated with the broth into her mouth. Dogs with chronic pancreatitis frequently refuse food, but a broth made from overcooked rice can help to soothe their stomachs. Boil the rice until it becomes a soupy, congee-like substance and then try feeding it to the dog.

Raw Food

Supporters of the raw food movement are certain that a homemade diet of uncooked food benefits dogs suffering from a number of medical conditions. Dogs with arthritis or other joint complaints, diabetes, obesity or allergies commonly respond well to a raw diet, according to VetInfo. Make a healthy raw diet using human-grade animal protein such as chicken, turkey, beef or salmon to make up 50 percent of the food. For another 40 percent, add fruit and vegetables such as apples, bananas, broccoli, carrots and green beans, mashed in a food processor. The remaining 10 percent should comprise cottage cheese, yoghurt or eggs, which can be cooked or raw.

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