Home Remedies to Keep Cats Out of Plants

Keep your cat out of houseplants to prevent a mess and harm.
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Cats will turn anything into toys, and that includes houseplants. In most cases, cat versus houseplant will result in a mess. If you're tired of cleaning up after one of these wrestling matches, or own plants that are toxic to cats, keeping them apart requires some dedication and ingenuity.


Perhaps the easiest way of keeping your cat out of your houseplants is simply to move the plants out of your cat's reach. Place them in a room your cat is not allowed in, or hang them in a spot that is out of reach. If this is not possible, you may have to thin out your plant population as you train your cat to leave them be. Once your cat shows no more interest in the leafy toys, start reintroducing additional plants one at a time and make sure to reinforce good behavior.

Decorative Rock Covering

If your cat is a dirt-digger, remove the tantalizing temptation of the soil by covering it with decorative rocks. Cut some wire mesh to cover the soil and prevent the rocks from sinking into the dirt when you water, then layer large rocks on top of the mesh. Water can still seep through the rocks to reach the soil, but your cat can't. Use large, heavy rocks to ensure your cat doesn't just exchange digging in the dirt with digging in the pretty little pebbles instead.

Discourage Him

Prevent your cat from munching on your plant's leaves by making them taste terrible. Coat them with a bitter spray available from pet supply stores, or spray them with water and sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the leaves. Fill a spray bottle with water and give the cat a quick spritz when he heads toward the plant.

Offer a Tasty Alternative

Some cats just like to eat plants and are more difficult than others to discourage. If your pet is a stubborn plant-eater, give him a plant of his own to chow down on. The most obvious choice is catnip, which will lure your cat with its enticing scent, but cats also enjoy oat or wheat grass. Place cat-approved plants in an easily accessible pot and your cat may forget all about the other, forbidden plants elsewhere in the house.

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