What Happens if a Cockatiel Flies Away?

Cockatiels will fly if they're startled.
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You are carrying your cockatiel to his cage when something startles him. Before you can react he flies off your hand. He gets outside before you catch him, flying out as someone opens the door. Don't panic, there are some steps you can take to help you find and catch your pet.

What Can Happen?

Don't hesitate. Follow your cockatiel as quickly as possible. There are many outdoor dangers for a pet cockatiel. He will become tired quickly, making him an easy target. Predators such as cats, dogs, eagles and hawks can catch your cockatiel. He can fly into traffic and get hit. He will become hungry and thirsty. Your cockatiel may take refuge on a human shoulder or in a tree or shrub when he is worn out.

How to Catch Your Cockatiel on the Ground

Try not to lose sight of your cockatiel. If he lands on the ground, do not to startle him. Your pet may get on your hand if he is feeling insecure. Cover him securely with your other hand to keep him safe. Toss a pillowcase, towel or light jacket over your cockatiel if you think he will fly again. If he panics wrap him securely in the chosen fabric to avoid getting bit.

Rescuing Your Cockatiel From a Tree

If your cockatiel flies high into a tree, don't try to climb the tree to retrieve him. Chances are good that he will fly away before you can reach him. Have someone stay with your cockatiel to follow him if he flies again. When it gets dark you can easily cover him with a cloth and carry him home. A long handled net can be used to scoop him up if he is beyond your reach.

If You Can't Find Your Cockatiel

Walk a parameter of several blocks around your home while calling to your cockatiel. Place his cage outside with the door propped open and his favorite food inside. Make lost pet flyers and distribute them. Offer a reward if that's in your budget. Talk to your neighbors and ask them to keep an eye out for your cockatiel. Call your local animal shelters and veterinary offices. Place an ad in the newspaper and on the radio.

Prevention is Best

Trying to catch an escaped cockatiel is harrowing. It is heartbreaking if you can't find your pet. When he is exercising, always keep your windows closed and a door shut between your cockatiel and the door to the outside. Be careful not to walk outside with your bird on your shoulder. Train him to come to your hand on command. Supervise your cockatiel while he is loose in your house and keep his wings clipped.

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