Hair Types & Grooming for a Goldendoodle

Your doodle may have a long, flowing coat or a curly one.
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While it's not a recognized breed, the goldendoodle is becoming more and more common in the United States. This hybrid comes in three different sizes, many different colors and three different coat types. The gentle nature and intelligence of both golden retrievers and poodles creates an ideal family dog.

Three Types

Goldendoodles have three different coat types. These are the wavy, curly or flat. The flat-coated doodles are more similar in coat type to golden retrievers, although there normally is still a bit of wave. The wavy coat is a soft, loose wave across the body. The curly coat is most similar to the poodle coat, although it's not quite as tightly curled as a poodle's infamous coat.

Multi-Generation Doodles

In many cases, the coat type will change depending on the generation of your goldendoodle. First generation goldendoodles are the result of a golden retriever being bred with a poodle. Next, the doodles are bred goldendoodle to poodle, creating a 25 to 75 percent breed ratio in favor of the poodle. The next generation line doodles are the result of two second-generation goldendoodles being bred together. After this, high-generation goldendoodles are bred with other high-generation doodles. After the second generation, the poodle genes are slightly higher, producing a tighter curl as opposed to the flatness of a golden retriever.


Poodles and a few other breeds are considered hypoallergenic because of their low amount of dander. As such, many doodles with wavier or curlier hair tend to be better for people with allergies. This is one of the many reasons the goldendoodle has grown in popularity. The coat type is often noticeable around 6 weeks old and can be a make-or-break factor for some people.


The longer the coat, the more maintenance it needs at home. Longer coats need brushed a couple of times per week to keep it healthy and free of mats. If you're looking for a snazzy haircut for your doodle, your groomer can help you out. For many owners, standard poodle cuts aren't what it's all about; they want a different look than the poodle. However, a short body with teddy bear legs is common for doodles. Trimming around the eyes and leaving a distinct beard also are commonly seen for doodles.

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