Grooming Ideas for Siberian Huskies

Despite all their fur, huskies require minimal grooming.
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The sheer thought of grooming a Siberian husky is enough to make many dog lovers run the other way. The breed is known for their ample coats of endlessly shedding fur. However, grooming a husky is not nearly as bad as you might think.


The Siberian husky does need to be brushed, but not as often as you might think. The husky needs to be brushed out weekly. During peak shedding times, spring and fall, you might want to brush the dog five or six times per week to prevent mats and save your vacuum from exploding. Use a pin brush and make sure your get all the way down to the skin.


Do not shave your Siberian husky unless it is absolutely medically necessary to do so. Shaving a husky doesn't make the dog cooler. As a matter of fact, a shaved husky is more susceptible to heat stroke. The double coat of a Siberian husky has been designed by nature to regulate the dog's temperature, so shaving the fur eliminates the dog's natural defenses. Furthermore, a husky's skin is not equipped to deal with sun exposure and your dog could very possibly end up with skin cancer.

Removing Mats

Mats happen. There are detangling products on the market specifically aimed at treating fur mats. The products are basically conditioners that help loosen the mat by lubricating the fur. Try working the mat into smaller pieces with your fingers and picking it little by little with a metal comb. If you can't work the mat out, take your dog to a professional groomer. Mats can cause a dog pain and lead to skin irritation, so they cannot be ignored. Your groomer may have to cut the mat out.


Another difference between Siberian huskies and many of their fellow double coated dogs is bathing frequency. Despite the overwhelming amount of fur and love of digging, huskies don't need to be bathed often. Unless your dog has gotten into a dirty, stinky or sticky mess, you only need to bathe your Siberian husky once every four months or so. The breed prefers a clean coat and will groom themselves much like cats.

Other Grooming

In addition to grooming your dog's fur, you must also groom her ears, teeth and nails. Nails should be trimmed once per month, unless your dog has worn them down herself. A Siberian husky's teeth should be brushed two or three times per week with a doggy toothpaste and finger brush. You should also check your dog's ears for dirt and clean them with a damp cotton ball once per month.

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