How to Groom Akitas

The Akita is easy to groom, but requires regular brushing.

The Akita is easy to groom, but requires regular brushing.

Grooming your Akita pal isn't difficult, but his coat is not the wash-it-and-forget-it kind, either. He has a thick double-coat of hair that sheds constantly, picking up in intensity two or three times a year. Brushing will dominate your grooming routine, and it will minimize the hair you find everywhere.

Brush your Akita once a week. Akitas are regular shedders, and can cover your home in a fine layer of dog hair. Regular brushing will remove the dead hairs before they can get on your couch, clothes and food. Increase the brushing frequency during the heavy shedding seasons which usually occur two or three times each year. Use a detangling spray to mist the your pal's coat before you brush it, to avoid breakage. Work with a pin brush in small sections at a time to get through his thick double coat. Work out any mats with the spray, your fingers and the edge of a comb. Use a raking comb to work through his heavy shedding seasons.

Bathe your Akita every two or three months. Because this breed's thick coat is practically waterproof, getting him soaked enough to shampoo, and then rinsing him completely will be challenging. Use your hands to squeeze the water into the coat to soak your buddy thoroughly to the skin. Massage shampoo into his coat, and rinse thoroughly. Towel dry him to remove as much excess water as possible, then stand back as he gives a shake to finish the job. Let him air dry thoroughly before letting him go outside, or you'll have an Akita in need of a bath again.

Trim your buddy's nails once or twice a month. Unless he wears them down in daily wear and tear, which is possible if he's particularly active, you'll need to keep track of his toenails and trim them when they get too long. If you cut into the quick, the sensitive pink tissue in each nail that carries the blood supply, you will cause pain and bleeding. Your pal will be much less cooperative the next time his nails need to be trimmed. Ask your vet or a professional groomer to show you how to trim the nails without cutting the quick.

Brush your Akita's teeth daily. Even dogs have gingivitis and the pain of dental problems, but regular brushing will reduce the possibility of problems. Brush your pal's teeth daily to remove bacteria and plaque and to promote good oral hygiene and health.

Clean your pet's ears weekly. Dog ears are havens for bacteria and dirt, both of which can promote infections and general irritation. Use a cotton ball to wipe out his ears with an ear cleanser. Wipe the areas you can easily see. Do not insert anything into his ear canal.

Items you will need

  • Pin brush
  • Raking comb or brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Nail trimmer
  • Cotton balls
  • Spray detangler or conditioner
  • Dog toothbrush and toothpaste


  • Place cotton balls in your dog's ears before bathing him to prevent water from dripping down inside the ears and causing an infection.
  • During a heavy shedding season, brush your Akita daily for as long as it takes to remove as much hair as possible. Brushing more frequently will help him “blow” his coat faster and prevent it from matting as it sheds.


  • An Akita's paws can be damaged if the nails are left to grow too long. Keep careful watch of your dog's claws, and trim them as necessary to prevent injury to your pet.

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