What Gift to Give a Cat and How to Celebrate Its Birthday

No lit candles for kitty birthday cakes.

No lit candles for kitty birthday cakes.

As a beloved member of your family, your kitty deserves some snazzy gifts and a celebration in her honor to commemorate her birthday. Your furry friend will relish the attention she gets, gobble up her kitty cake and enjoy playing with the fun things she receives as gifts.

Arrange to have a small birthday celebration for your kitty with some cat-loving close friends and family. Our feline friends can become stressed out by the presence of lots of strangers, so it's best to keep kitty birthday celebrations low key and limit the guest list to those she's already familiar with.

If any of your friends own felines who your little one has previously met and gets along with, feel free to invite them, too. It's best to keep the four-legged guest list to pets she knows, as new faces may spook her.

Decorate your home for your kitty's party with cat-themed items, like pictures of cats, hanging cut-outs of animated kitties and a large "happy birthday" sign to commemorate your furry buddy's birthday. Provide your guests with some birthday hats decorated with cats. You can find most of these items in party supply stores or make them yourself with construction paper.

Make a cake for your furry buddy by shaping some canned cat food into an interesting form on a decorative plate. Create a shape like a heart or the silhouette of a cat. Choose her favorite flavor or brand of food so she's sure to enjoy it. Sprinkle some fish flakes on top and use some cat treats to decorate the cake. Create some kitty "frosting" for the cake by pulverizing some canned tuna in a food processor. Snip the corner of a quart-sized resealable plastic bag to make a makeshift pastry bag. Use the bag to pipe the "frosting" onto the cake.

Purchase some cat treats and toys for your furry friend to give him as gifts or encourage your guests to do so. Catnip-filled toys will tempt your feisty feline into batting them around your home in delight. Cat treats made from dried salmon or chicken will satisfy his cravings for something yummy. These treats also make excellent training aids to reward desirable behavior. As a plus, if you have a multi-cat household, both treats and cat toys can be shared to encourage harmony among your four-legged residents.

Give your kitty a larger item as her main gift that you can splurge on. Choose something like a fancy cat bed, modern-art inspired scratching post, cozy heated cat cushion or an automatic litter box to electronically keep her "bathroom" clean and neat.

Items you will need

  • Cat-themed birthday decorations
  • Canned cat food
  • Fish flakes
  • Tuna
  • Food processor
  • Quart-sized resealable plastic bag
  • Cat treats
  • Catnip toys
  • Cat bed
  • Automatic litter box
  • Heated cat cushion
  • Cat scratching post


  • During your furry friend's birthday party, if you are inviting guests, make some people-pleasing foods, like finger sandwiches, fruit and a cake that they can eat. Keep your little kitty away from these foods.
  • If you don't exactly know when your kitty's birthday is, have your vet estimate that or use the day of her adoption as her unofficial "birthday."
  • Have some unwanted or unneeded gifts for your kitty that you received at her party? Donate them to your local animal shelter.


  • Keep gifts and treats cat-safe by avoiding sweets like chocolate or candy which can be toxic to our furry friends.
  • Wrap kitty presents without string, ribbon or other decorations, which your little one might ingest, creating an intestinal blockage.
  • Inform all of your guests to mind your kitty -- the focus of the celebration -- when entering or exiting your home so your little friend doesn't accidentally escape outdoors.

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