Getting a Budgie to Talk

Budgies are lively little chatterboxes who may be taught to talk with patience and persistence.
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The most precious moments of a budgie's day are spent perched on your finger or shoulder, being close to you. Indulge in daily chattering sessions with him; soon he may be mimicking your words. Some budgies are natural chatterboxes; others may learn to talk with patient encouragement.

Step 1

Develop rapport with your budgie by spending lots of time with him. Capture his full, undivided attention in a quiet room with no distractions. Greet him with the same phrase, such as "good morning," every time you visit him in the morning, "good night" before turning out the light in the evening, and "here's a treat" when you bring him food. Encourage your budgie to learn fun and imaginative phrases.

Step 2

Scratch your budgie's head very gently with the tip of your little finger. Speak softly, but keep your voice animated -- using the same speaking rhythm -- throughout your visits. Repeat his name and specific words or phrases you would like him to learn. Listen carefully to detect semblances of words or phrases in your bird's sometimes garbled chattering. Build upon what he already knows. Sing or whistle tunes to your budgie several times during the day.

Step 3

Record your chattering sessions, then play them back to your budgie when he has to stay by himself. Play his taped repertoire for him each visit. Observe his reactions, how he remembers the sequence of everything in the tape by heart. Watch how he may enjoy certain segments of the tape more than others, and enlarge on those that make him happiest.

Step 4

Record your budgie's speaking progress in a journal. Refer to the journal often to note how your pal's vocabulary is growing, and to remind yourself to continue or discontinue using a word or phrase. Hang a copy of his vocabulary close to the cage, so visitors can interact and communicate with him. Praise him lavishly for every new word or phrase he learns. Make time for these sessions of intimate togetherness at least once a day.

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