Fun Things to Do With Great Danes

A healthy Great Dane will love to socialize.
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If you already own a Great Dane, you've already discovered how much fun they can be, and how much energy they have. If you're looking for some different activities that you and your Great Dane can enjoy, the options are plentiful. Go old-school or get creative, or both.

Join a Local Great Dane Owners Group

Great Dane groups all across the globe host weekly or monthly activities to get their members, both human and canine, together for some quality play time. Activities vary from location to location, but they can include group walks and obedience clinics. Such outings let your Great Dane socialize with other dogs as well as provide them with exercise. If you can't find a Great Dane club nearby, you could try organizing one yourself.

Participate in Outreach Therapy Programs

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Volunteering with your obedient Great Dane at local schools, hospitals and nursing homes can be a very rewarding and fun activity. According to the Great Dane Club of America, the breed is excellent for such work. Outreach therapy programs allow others to enjoy the presence of a Great Dane and lets your pup bask in a extra attention. Organizations such as the Pet Therapy's Delta Society exist to provide Great Danes and their owners with all the training and certification necessary to get started in outreach therapy.

Hone Tracking Skills With a Scavenger Hunt

Great Danes are natural trackers, which means they'll have fun on an old-fashioned scavenger hunt. Ask your dog to sit and stay in a specific place while you hide treats or toys in various spots around your house. Encourage your Great Dane to sniff them out by leading him to the general area and giving him cues such as "find it." You can pretend to look for the treats yourself to get your dog interested, but be sure not to give away any of the hidden locations! Tracking provides stimulation and positive reinforcement for your Great Dane in one easy and fun activity.

Competitive Showing

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Think your Great Dane has what it takes to be best of show? Why not try competing with your pup. The Great Dane has tons of natural talents that might include agility, weight pulling and fly ball. There are also less-athletic competitive events, such as breed standard shows. Some Great Dane owners take competition very seriously; others show their Great Danes as a way to bond with their pets and meet other Great Dane owners, to showcase their dogs' talents or to hone their dogs' skills.

It's All About Having Fun

Discovering fun things to do with your Great Dane can be as simple as reaching out to other Great Dane owners. Every Great Dane is different, though, and yours may enjoy activities outside those your peers have discovered their dogs' enjoy. Discovering which activities are fun for you and your Great Dane may mean trying out a few different ones, so grab the leash and get to it.

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