What Do Flame Angels Eat?

Flame angels can provide aquariums with pleasant bursts of color.
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Flame angelfish (Centropyge loricula) are tropical aquarium fish who, as their common names convey, are somewhat flamelike in appearance, with intense reddish-orange body coloration. These reef fish hail from the Pacific Ocean, from the waters of Micronesia to those surrounding Australia. They are members of the family Pomacanthidae.

Natural Habitat Diet

Flame angelfish's native environments are typically lagoons and coral reefs. Their wild populations are consistent in numbers. They tend to be clandestine in nature, preferring to always remain close to cover. They are similarly meek in aquariums, which is why they need to have a lot of hiding areas -- think stones. Flame angelfish tend to always stay in units of three to seven specimens. Algae is the dietary staple for flame angelfish who roam freely in nature. Although algae make up most of what they eat, these fish also sometimes dine on wee crustaceans, too.

Diet in Aquariums

In aquarium atmospheres, flame angelfish often do well when they regularly feed on algae that exists inside their tanks. Diatoms, which are forms of algae, are common meals for flame angels in aquariums. For their algae-grazing purposes, you must have lots of live rocks in their tank. Some flame angelfish eat mostly algae while living in aquarium environments while others have additional items on their menus.

Fleshy Foods

These omnivorous flame angelfish can eat fleshy food items. Some examples of appropriate fleshy or meaty foods are diced mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, clams, mussels, squid and krill. Flame angelfish can flourish on these foods, but a diverse feeding plan is crucial. Never neglect their algae requirements -- think spirulina, for instance. If you suspect the live rocks inside your aquarium aren't producing sufficient algae, feed algae in supplemental form. If flame angels don't take in any algae, they can develop big nutritional problems.

Feeding Frequency

Flame angelfish appreciate frequent feedings in wee portions over more sizable meals fewer times a day. Aim to feed these guys a minimum of three times daily, but always keep the amounts tiny. Never offer your pet fish more food than they can realistically consume within a span of one to two minutes, maximum.

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