How Fast Does a Yorkie Puppy's Hair Grow After Cutting It?

Yorkie puppies have fast-growing hair.
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Yorkies are known for their flowing, silky coats. While this hair makes them beautiful, it also requires regular grooming -- particularly for puppies. Cutting a Yorkie's hair regularly while she is young helps acclimate a puppy for sitting still for grooming. Hair on a Yorkie puppy grows back within a matter of weeks.


A Yorkie puppy's hair is often cut around the eyes and mouth to keep the eyes clear and the mouth clean. In adults, the hair may be tied into a topknot to keep it out of the eyes, but it is not usually long enough to be tied back on puppies until they reach about 9 months of age. Hair around the eyes and mouth grows back quickly enough that it needs trimming about once a month on most puppies. But puppies with shorter or slower-growing hair will need to be trimmed every six to eight weeks.


Yorkie puppies have three places on the ears where hair is normally cut or removed: at the top outer half of the ear, at the top inner half of the ear and at the opening to the ear canal. Fur is removed from the top inner and outer half of the ears to help the ears stand up straight. Heavy fur can weigh the ears down and make them flop permanently. This fur is typically shaved completely away in a V shape. In most puppies, the hair at the top of the ear will grow back long enough to be ready for another cut in about two weeks. It can take four to six weeks, however, for it to grow back completely. Hair in the ear canal is not actually cut but pulled completely out to prevent ear infections. It grows back so fast that it should be checked and removed every week.


Most Yorkie puppies do not receive their first body cut or trim until they are at least 16 weeks old. Even at this stage, however, the hair is not as long as on an adult. It is trimmed mainly to get the puppy used to being groomed and to make the coat easier to maintain. A body haircut will grow out and should be repeated about every four to six weeks, depending on the individual puppy.


Hair around a Yorkie puppy's anus and a male puppy's penis is frequently trimmed short for hygienic reasons. Since this hair is trimmed very close to the body and is meant to stay short, it is cut often and not allowed to grow out completely. This hair will grow long enough to require another trim in about four weeks. For puppies that have especially fast-growing hair or tend to be messy, this hair may need to be cut every two to three weeks.

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