What Is an English Bantam Bulldog?

The English bantam bulldog is a miniature version of the bulldog breed.
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If you enjoy learning about rare dog breeds, the bantam bulldogge will pique your interest. The breed has its origins with the English bulldog and until very recently was known as the English bantam bulldog. In 2011 the "English" was dropped and the name was officially changed to "bantam bulldogge".

Breed Recognition

Although bantam bulldogge origins trace back to the 1800s, the dog is not widely recognized as an official breed. It was only as recently as 2002 that the United Canine Association recognized the English bantam bulldog, now officially the bantam bulldogge, and began recording registrations. The breed is not yet recognized by the AKC.

Not a Toy

In "The Complete Book of the Dog," Robert Leighton makes the distinction that bantam bulldogs are not a toy breed but are miniature bulldogs with the same standards of an ordinary bulldog, only the weight is lighter and the height is typically shorter; but larger bantams may measure as tall as a standard bulldog. Evidence of miniature bulldogs date back to 1899, but by 1902 the smaller bulldog breed was on the edge of extinction. As a remedy, French bulldogs were imported back to England to help revitalize the bantam bulldog breed.

Comparison of English and French Bulldogs

The bantam bulldogge resulted from breeding smaller standard English bulldogs together to create a miniature version; subsequently the French breed came from the bantam bulldogge breed. It's understandable that since the bantam bulldogge is related to both the English and French bulldogs, the standards for the bantam breed has similarities to the other two.

The physical standards for the bantam bulldogge are described similarly to the standards for the English bulldog in most ways other than its size. The weights of the two breeds are significantly different, yet the recognized heights can overlap. The UCA declares the bantam bulldogge's height to be between 9 and 16 inches, depending on the sex of the dog, while the height for English bulldogs is 12 to 16 inches. English bulldogs have a standard weight of 50 to 55 pounds, and the UCA standard weight for bantams is 18 to 39 pounds. The UCA makes allowances in the weight of bantam bulldogges, though, permitting them to be registered at weights up to 45 pounds if they are used for breeding or are kept as pets.

"Dogs and All About Them" notes that the similarities between French bulldogs and bantams are superficial -- heights and weights are similar, as the French bulldog is 10 to 12 inches tall, averaging 20 to 27 pounds -- with the most obvious distinguishing characteristic being that the French bulldogs' ears are located higher on the head and are held erect, while the bantam's ears tend to be floppy, if not cropped.

Bantam Bulldogge Traits

The UCA describes bantam bulldogges as active, healthy and outgoing. A typical bantam bulldogge enjoys clowning around and being the center of attention. Happy little dogs that are watchful and protective of their families by nature, bantams aren't usually aggressive. The UCA goes so far as to disqualify a bantam bulldogge from being shown if he demonstrates aggression without provocation.

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