How Do Dogs Show Affection to Humans?

Canines are famously loving creatures.
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The sky is blue, water is wet and dogs are affectionate -- at least in most cases. If you have a furry doggie in your life and want to "hear" it when he tells you that he loves you dearly, all you have to do is pay attention.


Messy, slobbery kisses may be a slight nuisance if you're trying to concentrate on your nighttime reading, but what they signify usually makes up for whatever slight frustration you experience. By licking you, your pooch is telling you that he loves you and loves being around you. In some cases, licking from dogs can also denote feelings of lower social status. However, the expression of obedience and affectionate licking are in no way mutually exclusive things. Your dog may lick you to tell you he loves you -- and also to tell you that he respects your position as his "pack leader."


Dogs occasionally display their affectionate feelings toward human beings by lightly pressing against them with their noses. Not only can it be an indication of affection, it can be a request for it, too. If your cutie wants you to drop everything you're doing so you can snuggle up to him and pet him on the back, don't be offended -- it just means he loves you so. Nose nudging isn't an affectionate behavior 100 percent of the time, however. In some cases, it can just mean you're blocking something that your dog really wants.

Tail Wagging

If your dog sees you and his tail immediately starts wagging in wide and sweeping motions, then he indeed likes and loves you. The mere sight of you prompts his furry tail to go to its happy place. Not only does tail wagging show love and affection, it also signifies the utmost esteem.


Rolling all over the floor is also a classic sign of doggie affection. If your dog can't wait to plop down onto his back and roll around whenever you're near, it not only means that he genuinely loves you, but that he probably wants you to rub his belly, too -- aww.


Happy and joyous dogs who are in their element frequently show it by sighing. Although sighing in humans often points to frustration, the sound is decidedly different in the doggie world. If you gently pet your dog's back and he sighs as you do so, it means he's reveling in it all -- and in your presence, too. It's common for dogs to sigh as good things draw to an end, as well.

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