Does Dog Shampoo Expire?

Using human shampoo is forbidden. So is using expired doggie shampoo.
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Bathing your pooch involves a lot of different considerations, from the frequency to the right shampoo. Before giving your dog a wash, always make a point to check the expiration date printed on the packaging. If the expiration date has passed, promptly put the stuff in the trash can.

Dog Shampoo Expires

Dog shampoo does indeed expire, which is why it's crucial to read the label before you use it. If you put an old and expired product onto your pet's body, it could lead to an uncomfortable infection of the skin several days afterward. Infections are sometimes caused by bacterial defilement within the container. Be extremely careful. Opt for something new and 100 percent safe.

Extra Caution

Expiration dates for canine shampoos are frequently noted on the bottom of the bottles, among other spots. However, manufacture or expiration dates aren't available in all cases. If a bottle of doggie shampoo is anything other than new, refrain from using it even if you can't pinpoint an exact expiration date.

Dog Shampoo Caters to Canine Skin

Never use human shampoo on your dog. You might think of your sweet and intuitive pet as being pretty close to human, but his pH levels are still totally different than yours. Washing him with human shampoo could make his skin inordinately dry and lead to lots of uncomfortable scratching. Shampoo designed for humans is simply too harsh for canines' delicate skin. Always opt for a gentle shampoo formulated specifically for dogs. Pet supplies stores sell a wide array of options. If you have any doubts over what dog shampoo to use, talk to your veterinarian to get some suitable recommendations.


Dogs definitely don't need to bathe as often as human beings, but perhaps not so infrequently that their shampoo is always forgotten and expired. Keep your cutie fresh, healthy and tidy by putting him in the bath roughly once every three months. If your pet plays a lot outside -- say during extended July strolls in the park -- you might need to bathe him a little more often. If icky mud is all over his wee paws, rinse them with lukewarm water in lieu of a bath. Bathing too often strips a dog's natural oils that protect his skin.

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