Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

by Malina Saval , Demand Media
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    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments:

    by Malina Saval , Demand Media


    According to Jim Yoskowitz, co-owner of Animal Guardian Mobile Pet Services in La Crescenta, California, there are plenty of dogs that are adaptable to a down-sized life. Yoskowitz said the ideal dog breed is mellow, with a mild disposition. He offers up his top picks for the perfect apartment dog.

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    Make a Commitment

    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments (2/9)

    Almost any dog has the potential to be a good apartment dog if you train it the right way, Yoskowitz said. "Any dog can be broken of any habit. It’s all about how much work are you willing to put in. For starters, dogs need to be walked in the morning, in the afternoon and at night so they don't have accidents in the house."

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    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments (3/9)

    Pomeranians make for excellent apartment dogs, said Yoskowitz. "Like any other dog, they need to be trained," he said. "They can bark when they get lonely and yap all day long, but if you break them of all of these bad habits, they are just the best, most affectionate, friendliest dogs. And they're small, so they don't need a lot of space."

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    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments (4/9)

    From the sophisticated standard to the miniature-sized tea cup puppy, poodles make for ideal apartment companions. "Poodles are great dogs because they are very much in tune with people," said Yoskowitz. "They are one of the smartest breeds -- great with kids, extremely gentle, friendly. And they don't shed, an added bonus."

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    Japanese Chin

    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments (5/9)

    When it comes to finding a dog that doesn't cause a lot of ruckus, Japanese Chins, with their royal Chinese lineage, fill the bill. "They are usually very mellow and not a yappy kind of dog," Yoskowitz said. "They are sensitive, intelligent and playful. They are extremely loyal dogs. Their basic purpose is to be man's best friend, and their small size makes them ideal for an apartment."

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    Golden Retriever

    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments (6/9)

    If you're looking for a large breed dog for your small space life, a golden retriever could make for the ideal housemate, provided it gets enough outdoor exercise. While the puppies might be a bit of a challenge, these dogs mellow out with age. "Golden retrievers can be good apartment dogs," Yoskowitz said. "They’re very calm, they like to play and they get along with just about everything -- cats, dogs, kids, most people."

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    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments (7/9)

    If you're looking for an apartment dog that's small in stature but big on love, consider the white fluffy Maltese, a devoted lap dog who will keep you warm at night. "Maltese do very well in an apartment," Yoskowitz said. "They are friendly and small and love getting attention."

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    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments (8/9)

    You'd think an animal primarily bred to race would require a hectare of backyard space -- the only other animal that can accelerate faster than a greyhound is a cheetah -- but greyhounds are gentle and loving. They're also naturally perfectly content curled up in a ball doing nothing. "Greyhounds are the best apartment dogs," said Yoskowitz. "They're couch potatoes."

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    Consult Your Landlord

    Best Dog Breeds for Apartments (9/9)

    Before you run out and pick up a puppy and a yearlong supply of dog food, make sure that dogs are allowed in your apartment. "Most apartment complexes have a list of dogs they will not allow, such as Rottweilers, pit bulls and German shepherds," advised Yoskowitz. "They might also have a weight limit on dogs. I know of a lot of apartments who don't permit any dog over 40 pounds."

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