Do Doberman Pinschers Shed a Lot?

These fellows shed moderately year-round.
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Tall, powerful and protective, the Doberman pinscher is a loyal and loving family companion. Like his persona, the Doberman's short, slick coat is no-nonsense, requiring only minimal grooming to keep it looking nice. Dobermans are moderate shedders, dropping their dark hair year-round.

Shedding Season

Anything with hair will shed it at some point to make way for healthy new growth. Dobermans are primarily single-coated pooches, although some have a tiny bit of undercoat on the neck. They shed moderately year-round, but the breed's single layer of hair won't leave as much coating your house as a double-coated breed would. Dobies who spend a good portion of their time outdoors may shed heavier in the spring as they swap out their thicker winter coats.

Stop the Shed

You cannot stop a dog from shedding. What you can do is minimize the amount of loose hair on your couch, clothes and carpet by removing it from the dog yourself, through regular grooming, before it removes itself. Use a stiff-bristle brush or rubber grooming mitt to go over your Dobie's coat once or twice a week. This not only removes the loose, dead hair in his coat but also distributes the natural oils in his skin and encourages blood circulation. Basically, you're removing his old coat and encouraging healthy new growth while you keep him looking shiny and neat.

Baths and Routine Cleaning

Unlike the pretty, long-haired breeds of the show ring, your sleek Dobie doesn't need regular baths to keep him looking handsome. A bath once every three or four months suffices. A quick go-over with a wet cloth once a week is generally enough to remove dirt and odor between washes. Use a gentle dog shampoo at bath time, and rinse him completely to remove all soapy residue. He'll air-dry quickly. When he's dry, brush him down to remove remaining loose hairs. A chamois cloth will give his coat a high shine.

Skin and Coat Issues

Although shedding is normal in Dobermans, a point may come when your pooch's hair loss accelerates from annoying to alarming. Dobies can suffer from pattern baldness, usually on throats, chests and bellies. There typically isn't any itchiness or discomfort associated with this hair loss, the hair simply falls out and never grows back. Skin sores caused by excessive licking are common in Doberman pinschers. If you notice your Dobie scratching more than usual or developing odd redness or sores on his skin, visit your vet for treatment.

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