How to De-Stress Your Cat

Allow Kitty to curl up in her favorite spot.
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Life as a kitty isn't all fun and catnip. Sometimes life can be so stressful for Miss Kitty with those rides in the car in the dreaded cat carrier, unfamiliar dogs, barking and other loud noises, veterinary appointments, and even other cats! Help your kitty chase away the stress.

Step 1

Take your feline friend to her favorite room in the house -- the place she likes to hang out the most. This room needs to be free of other distractions, such as loud noises. If remodeling is taking place at home, Kitty might be experiencing stress from this. New and unfamiliar people or animals in the house can also cause stress. To get the full benefits of relaxation, make sure your cat is in a room where there will be no foot traffic -- especially from unfamiliar people or animals. Help her get cozy and comfortable on the couch or her favorite place to snuggle.

Step 2

Set the relaxing mood with some purr-fect tunes! Yes, it's true -- kitties can benefit from the calming effects of certain music. Soft music at a low volume will do the job. There has even been research on music that relaxes fabulous felines. Dr. Herman Bubna-Littitz, an Austrian animal psychologist, found that kitties seem to particularly love the calming effects of a male choir as well as the oboe and double bass.

Step 3

Treat Princess Kitty to a massage. Not only will a massage help you and your beloved cat to bond, but it will help release muscle tension while calming anxiety and stress. Human touch helps Kitty feel nurtured and cared for. The massage should be gentle -- remember, this massage is for a cat and not a human! Start out with gentle petting from the top of Kitty's head to the base of her spine. Avoid touching places that your cat doesn't like, such as her stomach, paws and tail. Next, use two hands to pet Kitty so that your hands are overlapping. Use passive touch -- place one hand on her back or hip and hold it there for a few minutes. Avoid bony areas or areas that are sensitive to Kitty. Allow her to relax in kitty bliss!

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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