How to Design Your Own Tiny Dog Bandanas

Dogs draw the eyes of your friends when dressed in bandanas.

Dogs draw the eyes of your friends when dressed in bandanas.

Even if you aren't the type to dress your dog up in an elaborate Halloween costume, it's hard to resist the occasional bandana to sass up your tiny Fifi's coiffure. These cute bandanas cost pennies and are easy to make, so you'll be stepping out in style in mere minutes.

No-Sew Bandana

Cut out a fabric square measuring 14 inches on each side.

Fold the fabric in half diagonally and cut along the fold for two bandanas.

Cut around each edge with pinking shears to help prevent raveling.

Tie the ends of one bandana together around your dog's neck. Save the other one for a backup when the first one gets dirty.

Simple Cut and Sew Bandana

Measure your dog's neck and add about 14 inches to the measurement. (See Reference 1) That will be the length of the bandana where it ties around the neck. For example, if your dog's neck measures 6 inches around, measure 20 inches.

Measure a line 20 inches long across the top of your fabric and make a dot at the halfway point -- in this case, at 10 inches -- with a marking pencil. Call that point A.

Measure a second line 4 or 5 inches long starting at point A and going perpendicular to the first line. Mark the end of that line with a small dot and call it point B.

Draw a line from point B to each end of the 20-inch long top line to form a shallow triangle.

Cut out the triangle with pinking shears.

Fold all three edges of the bandana over 1/2-inch and iron them flat, then stitch the edges to prevent raveling. Alternatively, wrap the edges with contrasting seam binding and stitch.

Tie the ends around your furry friend's neck and you're ready to go.

Reversible Bandanas

Follow the directions for measuring and cutting out a simple triangle, but cut two of them, each in a different fabric. Cut seam binding to fit the length of the triangles' edges.

Put the two pieces together with the right sides facing out. Slide the fabric edges between the fold of the seam binding so one half of the seam binding lies on top of the two pieces of fabric and one on bottom, enclosing the raw edges of both pieces within the fold. Pin it to the fabric pieces all the way around to prevent fabric from slipping out of the fold.

Stitch the seam binding in place over the edges of both pieces of fabric, removing the pins as you sew to create a nice finished edge.

Tie the bandana on with either fabric showing. Reverse it for a different look.

Items you will need

  • Measuring tape
  • Brightly printed fabrics, about ¼ yard per bandana
  • Pinking sheers or scissors
  • Marking pencil
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • 1/2-inch seam binding in contrasting colors


  • For even cheaper bandanas, use recycled fabric cut from old clothing or check the remnants bins of your local fabric stores.


  • Never tie the bandana so tightly your dog cannot slip out of it if she catches it on something. It is better to lose the bandana than choke your dog.

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