Dandruff Wipes for Cats

You might be a sour puss, too, if you knew you had dandruff.
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If Patches has more than a few white specks on her fur, she may have cat dandruff. Cats who develop dandruff usually have itchy, flaky skin -- particularly on the lower back and the base of the tail. Several issues cause dandruff, which is different from dander. Dander wipes, available at pet retail, won't cure dandruff but they'll help you remove it.

Cat Dandruff

A cat develops dandruff due to one of three reasons. If Patches is a bit chunky, she may be having a difficult time grooming in the area where her dandruff has appeared, resulting in the greasy, white flakes. If her skin's too dry -- perhaps because of a diet limited in fat, too-frequent shampooing, or dry air from heat or lack of humidity -- she is prone to developing dandruff. And fungus and parasites such as the Cheyletiella mite, also known as "walking dandruff," can cause flaky, dry skin on Patches -- and she can share them with you.

Dealing With Cat Dandruff

Patches should get a visit to the vet to make sure her dandruff isn't caused by parasites or a fungus. If fungus or the mite is the culprit, treatment with special shampoos or medicine such as ivermectin will cure her. If her dandruff is from something else, such as dry skin, several options for treatment exist. A change in diet can help if Patches is overweight; shedding the extra fat will help in her grooming. If she's not getting enough fat in her diet, omega-3 fatty acid supplements may help. Increasing the humidity level in the house can help with dry skin. Regular grooming will remove excess hair, stimulate her follicles and ensure her oils are evenly distributed in her coat.

Dandruff, Not Dander

It's easy to see that some people confuse dander and dandruff. All cats have dander, which is the dead skin cells they naturally shed. When people have allergic reactions to cats, it's not the cat's fur causing them, nor is it dandruff. It's the dander. Patches and her feline friends shed dander regularly. The cat lover with allergies must get control of dander to live in harmony with their feline friends. The dandruff's essentially a whole other concern. Dander is impossible to eliminate but it's able to be minimized to a tolerable level. Allergists can help you become immune to dander altogether, too.

Wipes and Shampoos

A variety of wipes and shampoos exist on the retail market for cleaning up pets. Nature's Miracle, Earthbath and Petkin are three brands of wipes, used primarily for wiping dander off cats. If you're concerned about dandruff, bathing Patches with a dandruff-control product is more effective than using wipes. However, the Cat Dandruff Clinic notes that wipes can be helpful in between shampoos for controlling a cat's dandruff.

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