Do Dachshunds Have an Odor?

A smelly dachshund often requires vet attention.
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Dachshunds are German hounds who are renowned all over the planet for their adorably distinct appearances -- think uber-short limbs. Dachshunds come in two size groups -- miniature and standard. They can also have wiry, long-haired or smooth fur. What they don't usually have, however, is strong body odor.

Odor and Dachshunds

If a dachshund is kept clean by his owners, body odor usually isn't an issue, especially not to an intense degree. If a dachshund smells unpleasant and for no clear reason, it is often a sign that something is amiss. Call for an appointment with the veterinarian to uncover the reason for the smelly situation. Dachshunds are not usually a naturally odoriferous breed.

Health Ailments

Different health ailments can bring bad odor in dachshunds -- and in other dogs. Skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis can also cause dachshunds to smell less than fresh. Halitosis is also a frequent culprit behind odor issues in canines, whether due to gum disease or any other tooth-related problems. Bad body odor can also sometimes even point to external parasites -- think ear mites.

Anal Sacs

Anal sacs that are full can lead to fishy smells emanating from canines, and this issue just happens to be especially common in the dachshund breed. Although these sacs generally empty themselves when your pet passes stools, sometimes they fail to do so, leading to uncomfortable impaction -- and markedly strong and unpleasant smells. Not fun for your pet, and not exactly fun for you either. If this occurs in your dachshund, you might not only notice a disagreeable odor coming out from his rear area, you might also notice him dragging his bottom across the floor. Thankfully, a veterinarian can empty out these sacs for you -- and demonstrate how you can do it yourself in the future, if necessary.


If you want to keep your dachshund feeling and smelling squeaky clean, "once in a while" baths can go a long way. Try bathing your dachshund once every 6 weeks. Note, however, that like many canines, dachshunds absolutely adore rubbing their bodies into things that are simultaneously sticky and smelly. If your dachshund does this, then it's definitely time for a bath, without a second to waste.

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