How to Get Your Dachshund to Behave on a Leash

Dachsies can wear soft collars with clip-on leashes.

Dachsies can wear soft collars with clip-on leashes.

Dachshunds are small dogs with a lot of independent spirit. If you're training your wiener dog to walk on the leash, you may experience a war of wills between you and your hound. Making the leash seem like a treat to your dog is key to shaping his behavior.

Get your dachshund accustomed to wearing a soft collar around the home. If your dog is an adult, he is already likely wearing a collar. Puppies will need to have collars introduced gradually.

Practice attaching a clip-on leash to your dog's collar and walking around the home with your hound leashed for short periods of time -- perhaps one to two minutes, several times per day. Give your wiener dog treats, praise and attention all the time he is not fighting the leash or trying to remove his collar.

Take short walks outside, continuing praise and treats when your dog walks at your side without straining or pulling at the leash. Keep initial walks short, and only release the dog from the leash when he is behaving well. Otherwise, he will learn that if he behaves badly, he gets what he wants -- that is, release from the leash.

Keep unwanted behaviors -- such as pulling at the leash -- in check. If your dog won't stop pulling at the leash, tell him a firm "no!" and pull him back to a position walking at your side. You can use a small water pistol to squirt your dog as you say "no!" -- dachsies don't generally like having water sprayed at them. They are smart enough to understand that when they pull they get sprayed, when they don't pull they get treats and praise.

Continue practicing leash-walking once your dog has mastered good behavior. Take him for leashed walks in exciting new locations so he associates being on the leash with positive and interesting experiences.

Items you will need

  • Leash
  • Treats
  • Water pistol


  • Choke chains offer stronger feedback to a dog that is pulling on the leash. However, you must be careful not to literally choke your dog with one of these chains.
  • Whether your dog is walked exclusively on- or off-leash, it is important you train him to come when called. If he is running free near traffic, for example, you need to be able to call him back immediately.

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