Creative Homemade Furniture for Cats

Keep Kitty off your sofa by building her a unique hangout.
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Why shouldn’t your favorite feline friends have a décor of their own? Coming up with creative homemade furniture for your kitties takes a little thinking out of the box and altering how you look at everyday objects. Nearly anything can be converted into a piece of unique and fun cat furniture.

Repurposed Items for Beds

Repurpose an end table into a creative four-poster cat bed by inverting it, painting it and adding a colorful cushion. Turn an old console TV cabinet into a double-decker cat bed after removing the electronics. You can either strip it and restain it or paint it up with some whimsical colors and embellish it. Whip together a couple of fluffy cushions for the upstairs and downstairs compartments and you’re done. The same idea can be applied to a small chest of drawers or an old secretary desk. The top is the bed, remove the drawers and with a little cutting with a jigsaw, the bottom can holds kitty’s food and water dishes. A large plastic planter makes a portable indoor or outdoor bed once you put a round cushion inside it. Since your kitties love to cuddle up on your clothes, take an old sweater and stitch up the arms and neck and then stuff it with polyfill and sew the bottom closed. Two bath towels sewn together with a thin piece of padding between them create an easy-to-make and washable travel bed for taking Miss Kitty on car rides.

Unique Cat Boxes

You love Kitty, but hate her unsightly litter box. Why not repurpose something to enclose it? Get a hinged-lid trunk that her litter pan will fit inside. Use a jigsaw to cut an opening large enough for her to enter the box and paint and embellish the trunk. You can store her litter and scoop inside to keep everything neatly in one place. An alternate idea is to repurpose a child’s toy box. The overall idea is the same: Cut a hole for access to the litter box and decorate the outside. The toy box would have plenty of room for you to add a litter rug and install a wire rack inside to hold the litter scoop. The lid lifts up for easy access to clean the litter.

Climb and Play

An A-frame three-shelf bookcase is easily converted to a climbing and perching place for Kitty. Cover the shelves with carpet and wrap sisal rope around the A-frame. In place of the A-frame bookcase, you can apply the same idea to an old wood 4-foot ladder. You will need to add carpet-covered planks across the steps to create the kitty perch, but the legs can be wrapped in sisal the same way. Wall-mounted shelves that are securely anchored on studs and placed at varied heights and distances give your kitten a place to climb and play that doesn’t take up floor space. Or you can create your own wood staircase to attach to your wall and stain or paint them to match your décor. The stairs can lead to perches installed over or in front of windows or lead the stairs to a custom-made catwalk that is attached to your living room ceiling.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

A lot of the materials for creative homemade cat furniture will cost little to nothing. Garage sales, swap meets and thrift stores become your favorite places to shop when you keep a mindset to give old things a new use. A drive around your neighborhood on trash day might just present you with an old TV console or bookcase. Your local home improvement store and craft shop also will have supplies you will need.

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