What Color Are Siamese Kittens Born?

Siamese cats are adored the world over for their distinctive looks.
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If you are the proud owner of a Siamese cat, chances are you love her because of her fascinating, lithe and elegant look. The breed has a striking appearance due to its signature slender physique and point color coat pattern. At birth, however, Siamese cats look markedly different.

Point Coloration

Siamese cats are known for their point coloration, which means they have a general coat color combined with a totally different color on the "point" parts of the body, such as the tail, face, ears and feet. Siamese cats are noted for their dark points and usually pale bodies.

Color Options

Siamese cats exist in a wide array of lovely coat colors, including chocolate brown, lilac, blue, red and dark seal point. The seal point color looks very similar to black. The mysteriously lovely breed possesses the Siamese gene, which, unusually enough, is responsive to heat. On the cooler areas of the body, the cats' coat appears darker. For the warmest areas, the fur is significantly lighter. Seasonal changes occur because of this. For example, your precious kitty probably will look a lot darker in December than she will in July, particularly if she goes outdoors a lot.

Newborn Kittens

Siamese kittens look significantly different as newborns than they do as adults. This is because they are born totally white in color. This color change is caused by a genetic abnormality that is related to albinism. While a Siamese litter remains in mama's womb, it remains warm, hence the lighter fur color! Once the kittens are born, they slowly but surely start to develop color -- all part of the wonder of the Asian breed.


After a Siamese kitten is born, she tends to stay pure white for a few weeks. Her true Siamese colors usually take a while to emerge. However, in some cases you may observe a dash of darker color around her upper extremities, particularly the ear area. Take a close look at the wee dear, you just may notice it!

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